Before there was time

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DBefore there was time, there were visions in AYour mind
There was death in the Emfall of mankind, but there Gwas life in salvation’s design
Before there Dwere days, There were nights I could Anot see Your face
But the night could not keep Emme from grace, When GYou came and took my place

So I cry Aholy only Gbegotten DSon of God AAncient of days
I cry holy only Gbegotten Son of DGod And sing Athe praises (repete no fim)
Of the Emone who saved me GAnd the promises AHe made
No fim: Before there was time

Before there was time You counted the hairs on my head
You knew all the words I’ve said And You purchased me back from the dead
Before I was made You searched me and knew my ways
You numbered all my days And You set forth the steps I would take

You Dsaved Ame; You Emraised Gme
You Dsaved Ame; You Empulled me Gfrom the grave