Música e letra por ...

I Gwalked with the world for G7many a mile,
and Clife was fun for a Glittle while, but CJesus wasn't there,
How Gcould I E7smile? A7How could I be happy for D7long?
But Ghow He's in my heart, oh G7happy day!
He Cwashed my sins and my Gguilt away.
And Cnow he's coming to Gtake us E7home,
And we're A7greetin' D7him with a Gsong

If GJesus didn't die for G7me and you,
and Cheaven was just Gfor a very few,
Cand not very many would make it through,
how could we be happy D7long?
But GJesus didn't die for just G7Peter and Paul.
Jesus Ccame from heaven for to Gtake us E7home
and we're A7greentin' D7Him with a Gsong.