Música por John Newton & Virginia Harmony
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EAmazing E7grace! How Asweet the Esound
that saved a C#mwretch like Bme!
I Eonce was E7lost, but Anow am Efound;
was C#mblind, but Bnow I Esee.

E‘Twas grace that E7taught my Aheart to Efear,
and grace my C#mfears reliBeved;
how Eprecious E7did that Agrace aEppear
the C#mhour I Bfirst beElieved.

EThe Lord has E7promised Agood to Eme,
his word my C#mhope seBcures;
he Ewill my E7shield and Aportion Ebe,
as C#mlong as Blife enEdures.

EThrough many E7dangers, Atoils, and Esnares,
I have C#malready Bcome;
’tis Egrace E7hath brought me Asafe thus Efar,
and C#mgrace will Blead me Ehome.

EWhen we’ve E7been there ten Athousand Eyears,
bright C#mshining as the Bsun,
we’ve Eno less E7days to Asing God’s Epraise
than C#mwhen we Bfirst Ebegun.