Música e letra por ...

CTime after tC7+ime I went sC6earching for peA7/C#ace in some voiDmd,
I was Bbtrying to blame all my ilG7ls on this world I was inC G7
CSurface rC7+elationships usC6ed me ‘til I A7/C#was done in, Dm
And alBbl the while someone was beggiG7ng to free me froCm sin.

G7He was tChere alC7+l the tiFmDm7e,
He was G7there all the tiCmG7e;
Waiting CpatientC7+ly in linFDm7e,
He was Cthere aG7ll the tiCme.

Never again will I look for a fake rainbow’s end,
Now that I have the answer my life is just staring to rhyme;
Sharing each new day with Him is a cup of fresh life,
O what I missed! He’s been waiting right there all the time.