Música e letra por Ronnie Hinson

There’s a Dlighthouse on the hillside
D7that Goverlooks life's Dsea,
When I’m tossed it sends out a ligE9/Bht,
thaE7t I might Asee;
A7And the Dlight that shines in D7darkness,
now wiEm7ll safely lead us E7o’er,
A7If it wDasn’t for the lighthouse,
D7 Gmy ship would G/A A7 Dbe no more.

Ev’ryDbody that lives about us D7says,
GTear that lighthouse Ddown
The big ships don’t sail this way E9/Banymore,
E7There’s no use of it standing A‘round”;
A7Then my Dmind goes back to that D7stormy night,
when just Em7in time I saw the E7light,
A7Yes, the Dlight from that old lighthouse
D7 Gthat stands up there on G/A A7 Dthe hill.

And I thankD God A7for the G/DlighDthouseD9G,
I owe my life Gm6 Dto Him,
For Jesus A7is the G/D Dlighthouse,
and E9from E7the rocks of Asin;
DHe has shone a A7light G/Daround Dme
D9that IG could cleaGm6 Drly see,
If it Dwasn’t for the lighthouseA7,
where would this shDip be? (repeat)


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